OR-WINGS first met in Salem in August 2013, followed by bimonthly or quarterly meetings thereafter. WINGS membership includes representatives from 28 aging, disability, legal, judicial, and mental health agencies and organizations. OR-WINGS developed a charter that states an objective to maintain interdisciplinary representation from these organizations. OR-WINGS has developed these workgroups: 
  • Training, Education & Supports for System Partners;
  • Support Services for Family, Lay & Prospective Guardians; and
  • Protected Person Advocacy and System Access.
OR-WINGS also has participated in legislative advocacy, including support for a successful bill to establish a statewide public guardianship program; and a successful bill concerning volunteer visitor programs.

Oregon WINGS Accomplishments
  • Oregon WINGS produced a brochure entitled “Guardianship in Oregon: Explained in Brief for Medical and Other Care Professionals.”
  • Oregon WINGS produced a booklet for families entitled Options in Oregon to Help Another Person Make Decisions: Guardianship, Conservatorship and Other Options in Oregon.
  • Oregon WINGS is completing a person-centered planning tool for guardians.
  • Oregon WINGS expanded key materials on an existing aging and disability site to create a consumer friendly web page on the Aging and Disability Resource Connection site that collects in one place all resources concerning decision-making options.
  • Oregon WINGS was profiled nationally at the 2014 conference of the National Adult Protective Services Association; and at the Spring 2015 conference of the National College of Probate Judges. 
Contact: Fred Steele
Legal Services Developer
State Unit on Aging
Oregon Department of Human Services