North Carolina

the Rethinking Guardianship: Building a Case for Less Restrictive Alternatives initiative is in the third year of a grant awarded to the state’s Division of Aging and Adult Services by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities.  
Year 1 report
Year 2 report

The Jordan Institute for Families within the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is facilitating a large and diverse workgroup and using research findings and stories of those affected by guardianship to drive action.

Accomplishments, thus far, include 1) short-term and long-term strategies for change to NC legislation, policy and practice with a Guardianship Bill of Rights serving as a first step; 2) a website to provide comprehensive information and resources; and, 3) identification of training objectives and curricula for private guardians.   

In addition to the statewide effort, the initiative identified one pilot county to advance the goals of Rethinking Guardianship. The Catawba County pilot is focusing on youth transitioning into adulthood; providing supported decision making options; and raising community awareness about guardianship and alternatives.

Contact: Linda Kendall Fields
Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Social Work, UNC Chapel Hill